Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Howling Giveaway Celebrates Tantalize: Kieren's Story

Tantalize: Kieren's Story is now available from Candlewick Press in the United States and Canada! It will be published Oct. 1 by Walker Australia and New Zealand and Oct. 6 by Walker Books in the U.K. Watch Cynsations for additional announcements.

Celebrate by entering to win the Tantalize: Kieren's Story Howling Great Giveaway!

The prize includes:
    To enter, comment on this post and include an email address (formatted like: cynthia at cynthialeitichsmith dot com) or a link to an email address. Or you can email me directly with "Tantalize: Kieren's Story" in the subject line. Author-sponsored. Deadline: Sept. 6.

    For extra entries (itemize efforts in your entry comment/email with relevant links):

    Limit 8 entries. This giveaway is for international readers--everyone is eligible!

    Closer look at the wolf finger puppet, cat key chain, Austin magnet & wipe board.
    Closer peek at the books & DVD.
    Hello, finger puppets!
    Howdy, Mr. Armadillo!
    Here's another angle on the whole shebang!

    About the Novel

    Tantalize: Kieren's Story by Cynthia Leitich Smith, illustrated by Ming Doyle (Candlewick, 2011). From the promotional copy:

    Tantalize as you've never seen it before —from a Wolf's-eye view!

    As a hybrid werewolf, Kieren is destined to join an urban Wolf pack and learn to master his shift. Soon, he'll leave everything behind home, school, his family, and Quincie, his human best friend…who's beginning to be a whole lot more than a friend.

    For years, Kieren has managed to keep his desires—and his Wolf—at bay. But when the chef at Quincie's family restaurant is brutally murdered, Kieren resolves to be there for her, even if it means being framed and even if it means watching Quincie's beloved restaurant morph into a vampire lair.

    But when the new chef begins wooing Quincie, how long can Kieren control his claws? How long can he protect her—and himself?

    In an elegant graphic edition featuring cinematic sequential art by debut artist Ming Doyle and a lush, romantic cover by Sam Weber, best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smith re-envisions her delicious dark fantasy through Wolfish eyes.

    about the author

    Cynthia Leitich Smith is the acclaimed author of the prose novel Tantalize, as well as Eternal, a New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller, and Blessed, all set in the same fictional universe. She says of Tantalize Kieren's Story: "An unjust accusation. A true love in peril. It's enough to make you howl." A member of the Vermont College of Fine Arts faculty in writing for children and young adults, she lives in Austin, Texas.

    about the illustrator

    Ming Doyle was born in Boston to an Irish-American sailor and a Chinese-Canadian librarian. She earned her BFA from Cornell University with a dual concentration in painting and drawing. She has since depicted the exploit of zombie superheroes, demonic cheerleaders, vengeful cowboys, and dapper mutants. Tantalize is her first full-length graphic novel—and marks her first encounter with a wereopossum.

    Cynsational Notes

    This Howling Great Giveaway is the second in a week-long series of posts, celebrating the release of Tantalize: Kieren's Story (Candlewick, 2011) after which we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming.

    Teens are now invited to vote for YALSA's Teens Top Ten List! Vote here, and see the annotated list. Note: Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Candlewick, 2011) is among the 25 titles nominated for YALSA's Teens' Top Ten!

    Click for audio excerpt.


    Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

    Love it!! Would love to win. :) elizabeth at dulemba dot com. :)

    Obscured Vixen said...

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I've been dying to read Kieren's Story!

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    Jeanette said...

    OMG this is a mega giveaway! I absolutely need an armadillo puppet!

    Bethany Hegedus said...

    Congrats, Cyn and Ming!

    I need me a stuffed armadillo to replace the image of the poor one I saw on the road last week.

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    3. and will blog on my Friday wrap up!

    Enjoy the new readers discovering you in the GN format!

    Gail said...

    My nephew will LOVE this book! (But I get the finger puppets!)I've made my best effort:
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    Got my fingers crossed!
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    Anonymous said...

    Wow, that armadillo is DIVINE. I haven't even seen one like that before! (Of course, the wee wolfie is pretty cute, as well. Aww. A cub!)

    I have followed you on twitter and RT'ed your contest post under @ShelfCandy, as well as liking your facebook page, and, of course, here I am with my comment.

    What a wonderful giveaway you have going on!

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    Victoria said...

    What a great giveaway. I'd love to win it!

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    Anonymous said...

    Absolutely would love to win!

    All of the things included would go great with my bedroom decor! Haha.

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    mistressquill said...

    I would totally love to win!!! galvezton1983@gmail.com

    Anonymous said...

    Librarians would love these finger puppets for storytime! My son, too.

    I added a link on my facebook wall.

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    Donna said...

    Soooo excited for all your wonderful news, Cyn.

    Throwing my name in for the drawing. What great loot you're giving away. You had me at TANTALIZE and finger puppets.
    posting on Facebook and will add to my blog.


    emily3047 said...

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    Natasha said...

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    Anonymous said...

    Awesome. I have yet to read Blessed, I admit it. But my birthday is coming up, so, fingers crossed.

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    Susan Kaye Quinn said...

    Finger Puppets!! So fun.

    I've "liked" your author page, and I've already followed. :)

    momaconda said...

    I posted on facebook! and can add link to blog www.momaconda.com. Congrats!

    Vivien said...

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    itswarmerinthechamber said...

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    Dawn M. said...

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    Great package! Love your books, and always look forward to the latest.

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    jswick said...

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    Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

    Thank you to everyone who entered! I hugely appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

    Please check back Friday for the winner announcement in my weekly roundup.

    If you don't win, try again! There will be more giveaways to come on Cynsations!