Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diabolical U.K. Cover Reveal & Tantalize Series Giveaway

By Cynthia Leitich Smith
for Cynsations

From Walker Books (U.K. edition)(available fall 2012)(online retailers listing Aug. 2):

Prepare for a hell of a ride as Cynthia Leitich Smith calls on characters from her previous novels - and conjures up new ones - for a climactic showdown.

Candlewick (U.S.) cover
When "slipped " angel Zachary and his werewolf pal Kieren are summoned under suspicious circumstances to a mysterious New England boarding school, they quickly find themselves in a hellish lock-down with an intriguing assortment of secretive, hand-picked "students".

Plagued by demon dogs, hallucinatory wall decor, a sadistic instructor and a legendary fire-breathing monster, will they somehow manage to escape? Or will the devil have his due?

Best-selling author Cynthia Leitich Smith unites heroes from the previous three novels in the Tantalize series - including Zachary's girl, Miranda, and Kieren's love, Quincie - along with a fascinating cast of all-new characters for a suspenseful, action-packed clash between the forces of heaven and hell.

Cynsational Notes

“...this captivating story combines action, suspense, and romance with just the right touch of humor to keep it entertaining. A great finish to an original and satisfying series.” —School Library Journal

"It's a considerable challenge for a series not to lose steam by the fourth book, but this one runs full force on the fires of hell and the sword power of heaven." —The Horn Book

"A blend of romance, action and horror, this distinguishes itself from the crowd of paranormal teen fare with the employ of plenty of camp and a healthy dose of dry humor." —Kirkus Reviews

Cynsational Giveaway

Enter to win your choice of books in the Tantalize series, including Tantalize, Eternal, Blessed, Tantalize: Kieren's Story and the U.S./North American edition of Diabolical. Author sponsored. Eligibility: international.

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Tal said...

The trailer is pretty and interesting!
Thank you so much for the giveaway :)

donnas said...

Great trailer. Really well done.

TayteH said...

I like the trailer. The opening is pretty cool. And I love the music. :D

Victoria said...

I think it's really good.

Vivien said...

I really love the trailer!!

marybelle said...

I enjoyed the trailer thank you.

bn100 said...

I liked the trailer.

Llehn said...

I enjoyed the trailer. Love the intrumental piece!

Karen Wapinski said...

The trailer looks amazing! Beautiful music and pacing was very well done, especially considering the image base and not action base. Very nice

Selena said...

I love the trailer! I especially love Quincy! (:

Diana said...

It is very beautiful, thank you for the giveaway!

Lark said...

What a great cover! (They both are actually -- love the emotions in both.)

Paige said...

Such a great series! I'm so glad all the characters I love are coming together.

mirrormera92 said...

Thanks so much for the chance Cynthia!
I thought the trailer did a good job of depicting the description of Diabolical.

I love the new cover as well.

ferretvamp14 said...

I liked the trailer music. The eye creeped me out! Looking forward to Diabolical.

Natasha (a.k.a Paranormal Goddess) said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway Cynthia :)As for the trailer. It was nice but it could of been better and I must say I adore both the old and new book covers.