Saturday, September 14, 2013

Authors Kelly Bennett & Nikki Loftin Win 2013 Writers' League of Texas Children's-YA Book Awards

By Cynthia Leitich Smith
for Cynsations

Congratulations to the winners and finalists for the 2013 Writers' League of Texas Book Awards!

Picture Books Winner

One Day I Went Rambling by Kelly Bennett

Picture Books Finalists

Alicia's Fruity Drinks by Lupe Ruiz-Flores

Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas by Jeanette Larson 

It Jes' Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw by Don Tate

Middle Grade & YA Winner

The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy by Nikki Loftin 

Middle Grade & YA Finalists

Breaking Lauren by Jordan Deen 

Chained by Lynne Kelly

Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull

 The Veil by Cory Putman Oakes

Return to the Willows by Jacqueline Kelly


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Great to see Don Tate's book on there! :) e

Vonna said...

I'm thrilled that Nikki and Kelly won, but WOW, what a tough contest!

Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

Elizabeth & Donna, yes! Wonderful books, terrific authors, tight competition. I'm also impressed by the diversity of work--both in the sense of creative range and also in backgrounds of protagonists depicted.