Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Book Trailers: Water Can Be by Laura Purdie Salas, illustrated by Violeta Dabija

Compiled by Cynthia Leitich Smith
for Cynsations

Congratulations to Laura Purdie Salas on the release of Water Can Be, illustrated by Violeta Dabija (Millbrook, 2014). From the promotional copy:

Water can be a...

• Thirst quencher
• Kid drencher
• Cloud fluffer
• Fire snuffer

Find out about the many roles water plays in this poetic exploration of water throughout the year.

Water Can Be has received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. See CSS Reading Guide and Teacher's Guide. See more tie-in resources.

Laura and Lisa Bullard have also released a new e-book, Getting Published: How to Access Editors (A Children's Writer Insider Guide from Mentors for Rent).

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laurasalas said...

Thanks for sharing, Cyn! I'm still working on more materials--trying to come up with some fun activity sheets kids can do:>)